About Us

Good Food Mood Co. (GFMC) is one of the Leading Jordanian Companies, established in 2014 and specialized in dates  and olive oil manufacturing and exporting dates. Our farms have 50 thousand organic olive trees and more than 13 thousand palm trees.

Good Food Mood Co. (GFMC) has an Important Objective to popularize and retain the Socio-Cultural and Commercial value of dates of Jordan throughout the World and to achieve the Vision in modernizing the dates manufacturing industry to meet the new international food industry standards and to reflect the bright image of the Jordanian industry worldwide, our goal is be able to introduce our Products worldwide and to be leading with our fine quality and modern packing.

Quality In What We Do

We at our Farms produce tens of tons of dates and olive oil with very high quality using the latest technology.

Our Mission

We seek to deepen our commitment to health & wellness by creating enjoyable approach to good health.

Every Place We Are

We are offering our dates and oil products in both regional and global markets from our Jordanian farms.

Our Vision

To expand GFMC distribution of Jordanian premium food products in the local, regional and international market.


1) Quality , 2) Integrity , 3) Vitality , 4) Preeminence , 5) Sophistication , 6) Patriotism , 7) Products & Services

Business goals & objectives

1) Reach the European and regional markets , 2) Build an appropriate distribution network in the local Jordanian market 3) Promote the local Wagyu meat in the local market

Why Organic?

Organic foods provide a variety of benefits. Some studies show that organic foods have more beneficial nutrients, such as antioxidants, than their conventionally grown counterparts. Also people with allergies to foods, chemicals, or preservatives often find their symptoms lessen or go away when they eat only organic foods.

Our Farms

We are growers, producers, packers, and traders of Organic Medjool Dates and Organic Olive Oil. At present, the company operates a total number of 20,000 palm trees and 70,000 Olive trees and 250 head of Wagyu Cattle.

Medjool Palm Farms:

located in Jordan valley considered to be one of the largest in Jordan Valley that specializes in farming Medjool Dates and operate a modern and specialized Packing House for the Dates.

Olive Farm:

We have our farm in the north east of Jordan and considered as one of the largest Olive Oil farms in Jordan, our Olive Mill is modern and operating under the most new milling technologies.

Wagyu Cattle Farm

We in Jordan brought in Sep 2011 from Australia (85) heads from Wagyu breed. A suitable cow farm’s setup was prepared in order to start this unique project in the Middle East ,during the past two years, we successfully managed to run this project and get such a high meat quality.

Contact Us

P.O.Box : 2779, Amman 11953
Amman, Jordan, Dhakheleh Circle, Etihad Arabi Insurance Building (264
Tel: 0096265677466
e-mail: gfmc@gfmood.Com